Pathology Solutions

We provide pathology services to the healthcare community nationwide

Pathology Solutions

3RX Pathology Solutions is an independent anatomical pathology laboratory offering subspecialty pathology services to the healthcare community nationwide.

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Medical Billing

Provide medical billing services that allows you to focus on patients.

Medical Billing & Recovery

We answer to the client, reducing overhead and response time. Our philosophy continues to emphasize customized, dedicated service.

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Administrative Services

We help you navigate through complicated federal & tax regulations

Administrative Services

When conducting business, health care providers must navigate many complicated regulations, such as the federal physician self-referral prohibition…

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How Can You Move Your Medical
Practice Forward?

National laboratories have been working for years to keep specialists in the dark about their ability to improve the standard of patient care and generate new revenue for their practices.

3Rx, is the foremost advocate of the TC/PC model

We work hand-in-hand with specialty practices across the country to help them improve the standard of patient care by adding a sub-specialty pathologist to their practices, thus converting them to multi-specialty groups. While our lab will prepare and process your specimens, your own, in-house, pathologist will read and interpret them. Your office simply bills and gets paid for the pathologist’s services. This creates added revenue for your practice, without increasing your patient workload, and improves the standard of patient care.

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Market Analysis and Business Strategy

3RX Advisors provide comprehensive and practical business services leveraging its Principals and other Team members’ unique perspective of the medical technology and healthcare industry and their understanding of the challenges companies and providers face in developing, commercializing or utilizing medical technology. This valuable knowledge of the industry is based on the extensive experience of members of 3RX Advisors.

3RX Advisors understands the complex issues confronting manufacturers, marketers and providers in the highly competitive and continuously evolving healthcare industry, and we draw on our experience to help our clients and partners during each phase of the business cycle. Beginning with the early evaluation of the idea, through the development and subsequent commercialization of the product or service, 3RX Advisors provides focused, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to our customers’ challenges.

  • Market analysis and business strategy
  • Business development
  • Regulatory affairs and clinical trials management
  • Reimbursement and contracting strategies
  • Financing support
  • Founding, financing and growing companies
  • Interacting with federal, state and health plans
  • Conducting medical research
  • Billing and Pre-collection